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Breaking News: Deadly car bomb explodes near Mogadishu cafe

Mogadishu — At least 14 have been confirmed dead including the suicide bomber in the Somali capital Mogadishu, a police officer has said. Police officer Major Nuur Farah said that several wounded people were taken to hospital after Sunday’s blast near a popular … read more »

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Exclusive: Somalia army weapons sold on open market – U.N. monitors

UNITED NATIONS – Somali army weapons and ammunition continue to be diverted to open markets despite the government’s pledges to prevent its arms from leaking and ending up in the hands of Islamist militants, U.N. investigators said in a new … read more »

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Somalia to halt banned charcoal trade at port recaptured from al Shabaab

BARAWE Somalia (Reuters) – Somalia’s president said on Saturday he would halt charcoal exports from Barawe, a port town recaptured from an Islamist group who U.N. investigators said had benefitted from the illegal trade. The U.N. Security Council forbade charcoal … read more »

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Eden Prairie seeks added resources for third-largest Somali community in metro

As an outer-ring, affluent suburb, Eden Prairie may seem an unlikely city to draw a growing refugee community. But 17 years ago, Somali-Americans like Asad Aliweyd moved there for its top-ranked schools, safe community and job opportunities.Now, nearly two decades … read more »

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Somalia celebrates flag day

Bartamaha – Somalia celebrates the day its flag was internationally recognized over 50 years back. The country is marking the 60th anniversary of the Somali flag which was world widely recognized 1960, six years after the country got its independence from … read more »

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China officially opens embassy in Somalia today

Mogadishu (Bartamaha) Chinese Embassy in Somalia has been officially re-opened today in the Somali capital Mogadishu. Chinese new ambassador to Somalia Wei HongTian locally nicknamed “Warsame” and other Chinese diplomats, United Nations envoy to Somalia Ambassador Nickolas Kay and the … read more »

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