Media Release: Somali President Calls for Unity

pres ministers allMogadishu, Somalia, April 25, 2010) The Somali President, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed calls on the members of the Council of Ministers and the Parliament to put their differences aside and focus on the important security and governance tasks that the Somali people expect.

President Sharif has held a closed-door session with the TFG Council of Ministers. This followed similar meetings that the President had in the last four days with the Members of Parliament and other leading figures of the Transitional Federal Institutions namely the Speaker of the Parliament and the Prime Minster.

Today’s meeting was part of extensive consultations that the President had had with the members of the Transitional Institutions in order to defuse the ongoing political wrangling within the TFIs and at the same time refocus the combined energies of the government and parliament to the tasks that they swore to uphold – namely serving the people and putting the national interest ahead of personal and partisan gains.

The President underscored to the members of the Council of Ministers and MPs that both the Somali people and international community expect the TFIs to set their priories right in the face of the daunting security and humanitarian challenges the nation face. “Unity, patience and selflessness should be our motto” the President informed all concerned.

Source: Communications Directorate



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