Our Live is in Danger – Somali MP’s

somali lawmakersBartamaha Mogadishu –  Somali lawmakers have worried the security setbacks in Mogadishu following Al-Shabab’s assasination on the Somali member of Parliament Mohamed Mohamud Hayd in a broad daylight in the Capital Mogadishu.

Somali Parliamentarians have expressed their sense of insecurity in the capital while Al Shabab vowed to add up to their rampage against Somali lawmakers in Mogadishu.

Despite “Open your fast with peace” initiative that the government of Somali launched in the capital to respond to security challenges in the Sacred month of Ramadan, Al shabab has successfully carried out broad daylight shootings against traffic police officers and also lawmakers in the capital.

“The government is responsible for the security and it should have to work on it, and as ‘lawmakers’ we do not have enough security guards. There was one soldier guarding murdered lawmaker and if he would have more than that number of security guards, probably the perpetrators would not have escaped at around noon hours,” Dahir Amin Jisow, a Somali lawmaker told VOA Somali service.

The Islamist rebels Al shabab have immediately claimed the responsibility of the killing of Hayd and vowed to double their targets against key government officials.

Video: The Attack of the Parliament May 2014

“Our security and that of the people ‘Somali people’ is in danger,” said MP Coon who survived from Al Shabab’s raid that killed his colleague Hayd.

Above all, the militants have carried out well-planned but failed assault on the Somali parliament building near the presidential Palace leaving at least one law maker injured and several security officers died.

However the current Somali federal government stated that they will respond to the security challenges in the capital, while their plan of exerting their peace beyond Mogadishu seems not viable.



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