Meles Zenawi…poem by Ayanle

We stand united for united we stand strong

You have interfered in our politics , for too long

Proving that two wrongs don’t make a right, but make a wrong

We stand to oppose you, while remaining vigilant and strong

On behalf of my people, I have a message to convey

The following message, is the message I relay

Those who made this boundary happen to be white

This is the primary reason why we fight

When will you wake up to see the light

For the people of the Ogaden have a right

Your women and children cry

And you stand before them and lie

They will ponder and ask themselves why

After they’ve hung your neck from your tie

This is their way of saying goodbye

For you have turned them a blind eye

These are facts, which you cannot deny

Ayanle Daad

Copyright ©2009  Ayanle Daad
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