Somalia Bleeds (POEM)

When the nation of poets are reduced to a nation of beggars,
When the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which carry greed and notoriety replace the government and the United Nations rules Somalia,
When the NGOs exaggerate and perpetuate the vicious circle of victimhood,
When a culture of dependence is created and promoted,
When Sheik Sharif’s religious rhetoric is replaced with Jeffersonian Democracy,
When Somali leaders compete for monetary interests or notoriety,

When AMISOM carry the crimes,
When Meles Zenawi became the poster child of democracy in the Horn of Africa,
When BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Somali services distorts the news,
When foreign Ships dump a toxic nuclear waste in the seashore,

When men ignore the lessons of history,

When injustice spreads like deadly cancer in the land,
When justice is politicized,
When the International Criminal Courts favors the rich and the powerful,
When piracy becomes the nation’s introduction to the world,

When the powerless Somalis carry the shame,
When the Somali children are made of orphans by the Mikhail Kalashnikov’s weapon (AK47s),
When Al-shabaab’s religious rhetoric fills the airwaves,
When the invisible hands fuel the endless bloodshed,
When the children of the war brandish their AK47s in pursuit of their own peace,
When the memories of a generation are clouded by the undying horrors of the war,
When the foreign interest groups hold every Somali peace conferences in foreign soils,

When the system of meritocracy is disfavored,
When the infamous 4.5 clan based systems promotes and fills the TFG’s cabinet seats,
When Somalia’ war profiteers call the shots from their five star hotels in Nairobi,

When the poor women and children decay in the refugee camps in Kenya,
When the earth bleeds and the wetlands are replaced with wasteland,
When the world’s ruling men pursue a short term policy of containment,

When the religion of Islam carry the blame,
When over ten million Somalis carry the pain and the frustration of their country’s period of destruction,
When the seat of Shah became the seat of blood,
When the incapable men carry the lead and the capable men carry the crimes,

When greedy and hopelessness rules the land,
When the indigenous men become pinheads and avoid the pressing issues of the day,
When the knucklehead leaders race in revealing the nation’s weak spots,
When Google records this as the nation’s history,

This is when Somalia’s future is predictable in the foreseeable future.

However, it is time when leaders with strategic foresight must answer the urgent calls and play upon the nation’s strength.

Remember, everything is reversible except death. The legacy of the current generation is yet to be written.

Are you willing to reverse it?
Think about it…….

mj**M. J. Farah, M. Ed., is an academic advisor, a writer, a lecturer and a contributor of He can be reached at:



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***Mohamed. J. Farah, M. Ed., is an academic advisor, a writer, a lecturer and a contributor of http://
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