Dying Empire…Poem by Ayanle Daad

When the situation is bleak and dire

that’s when you know you’re a dying empire

when the situation is dire and bleak

that’s when you know you’ve reached your peak

When all those you have killed happen to be ragtag

and they spit and stomp on your flag

and you lack the courage to fight back

For you just watch and hold back

Too fearful, too weak to attack

It’s just profound, when you don’t hear a sound

because what goes up, must come down

It’s just sad, when they tear you down

For Empires rise; Empires fall

Empires lie; Empires Stall

Empires try to even stone wall

But treasures run dry and Empires fall

Ayanle Daad
Copyright ©2009 Ayanle Daad
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Category : Gabayada [ POETRY ].
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