Tired of Fleeing!!

That’s right, I’m tired of fleeing

Coast to coast looking for a living.

I try to escape from this place where life has no meaning

Where millions get killed and robbed everyday by eight year old kids with no mercy

I try to seek refugee to my closest friends and neighbors

Instead of them welcoming me, the chain me like a slave and do me labors.

No matter where I go, I still can’t find peace

I’m tired of being in the refugee camps of IFO and Dhadhaab like a homeless person.

Some people call the place I still call home “A failed State”

Well, I say call it what every you want, but you sure will call it soon “The Rising State”

It brings tears to my eyes when I think of how beautiful it used to be Banaadir.

But your so called “Tribalism” made it the city of Baaba.

It still doesn’t make sense why we are still fighting, fighting for no reason

When we are people with one culture and one religion

Damn you warlords, its time you stop fighting

Time to come together in peace as brothers and maybe go to Leedo and Urubo for fishing

I’m tired of waiting patiently the day we get up and stand as a country

Take back our respect in the continent.


By: Eng. Ibrahim Adam Dalab



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Abdullahi Mu'min is the Editor in Chief of and a Contributor to Wargelin Show. Mu'min is a Young and talented Somali Journalist.
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