Colonialism…poem by Ayanle Daad

Just like the moon waxes and wanes

Just like the sky rumbles when it rains

There will be an hour, it will have a theme

When those who are in power are trapped in a dream

Just like the soldier that walks toward

Walks toward torture, he walks Lord

Crying on a shoulder; he walks toward

Destroying every culture he walks toward

So every child of every slave weeps

Even while every slave sleeps

Even wild; every grave weeps

So every child of every slave leaps

Because just to reflect inflicts so much pain

The lust to reject incites so much pain

Trust to neglect; inside me so much pain

Most do reflect; recite me all the pain

Ayanle Daad
Copyright ©2009 Ayanle Daad
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Category : Gabayada [ POETRY ].
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