Somalia: Deputy Speaker Says They Released About 100 Prisoners in Syria

Somalia — Professor Mohamed Omar Dalha, the deputy speaker of the Somali parliament has said on Wednesday that they have released more Somali people who were in the prisons of Syria.

Professor Dalha who returned in Mogadishu on Tuesday told Shabelle radio that they had met with the Syrian president and requested him to release many Somali people who were in the jails of his country saying that the Syrian president accepted their request and achieved to release about 100 Somali prisoners in Syria that the Syrian government accused of being behind explosions occurred in that country.

The deputy speaker of the Somali legislature professor Mohamed Omar Dalha also said that they are planning to release many other Somali prisoners who are detained in many different countries calling for the Somali people to unite and halt the conflicts between them.

Professor Dalha said that it is unfortunate to continue fighting in Somalia for period of 20 years expressing that it is a divine catastrophe from Allah.

Source: AllAfrica



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