Popular comedian dies in Mogadishu, police investigates the cause

ILKACASEMogadishu (BARTAMAHA) A popular Somali comedian Abdi Mohamed Ilkacase has died in his home in Mogadishu on Friday after he slept overnight with no any illness, RBC Radio reports.

The body of Ilkacase was found in his bedroom at Boondheere neighborhood on Mid-day on Friday as family members were shocked to realizing he has suddenly passed away.

The Director of the National Theatre Abdikarim Jiir confirmed the death of colleague Ilkacase.

“We are shocked to have realized that our colleague Ilkacase has passed away. We have not aware any serious illness he had. We pray to his family and friends.” Mr Jiir added.

The police had taken the body of late Ilkacase to hospital to conduct an autopsy investigation in order to know what the exact cause of his death was related to.

Initial reports had mentioned that late Ilkacase had went to sleep his home on late Thursday and did not complain any pain.

Late Ilkacase was among the best comedians in Somalia. He joined through the renowned Somali Waaberi group in 1976 and soon became famous for his comic and acting skills.



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