State burial held for the late former Somali PM in Mogadishu.

The plane carrying the body of the deceased former prime minister of Somalia Abdirizak Haji Hussein landed at Adden adde international Airport in Mogadishu today for state funeral.

The security in the capital Mogadishu was tightened mostly in and around the airport and the other strategic place in the city with special security personnel.

High ranking government officials led by the president Hassan Sheikh,prime minister Abdiwali Sheikh, Parliament speaker Jawaari , Puntland President Abdiwali Gaas and Jubba administration president Ahmed Madoobe received the body of the late prime minister Abdirizak on arrival at the airport of Addan Adde international Airport in Mogadishu.

A funeral prayer attended by the president of Somalia, parliament speaker and Puntland president was prayed for the late prime minister of the Somalia’s body.

The body of the deceased will be buried in the cemetery of El-Farey, north of Mogadishu next to first president Aden Abdulle Osman.

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