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My people are Tribalistic…poem by Ayanle

My people are tribalistic



picture taken by mohamud mumin

picture taken by mohamud mumin

My people are tribalistic

My people are very tribalistic

So I’ll try my best to be 100% optimistic

The fact of the matter is, I have to be realistic

So I will give you the info, without being too pessimistic

The ones selling us the guns are purely capitalistic

While the ones providing the funding, are idealistic

Don’t they see, what they’re doing amounts to being atheistic

They taking every opportunity to be opportunistic

Once upon time, we were nationalistic

That’s before we tried a system that was socialistic

This system was awfully militaristic





So we opened our eyes and became realistic

tried for a while being capitalistic

quickly found out it was too imperialistic

Not only that, but it was too materialistic

so we opened our eyes and became realistic

Came back to being tribalistic

Found out all these systems have the same characteristic


Ayanle Daad

Copyright ©2009  Ayanle Daad

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