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(VIDEO) Puntland: Xiriirka waan u jarnay Dowladda Federaalka

Garoowe [BARTAMAHA] Madaxweynaha dowladda Puntland,Cabdiweli Maxamed Cali Gaas ayaa goor dhaweyd saxaafadda kula hadlay xarunta madaxtooyada ee Puntland,waxuuna shirkiisa uga hadlay heshiiskii shalay magaalada Muqdisho lugu sheegay in maamul laga dhisayo gobollada dhexe. Madaxweynaha Puntland waxaa uu sheegay inay ka … read more »

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In Somalia, The Other Natural Disaster That Nobody Is Talking About

A deadly cyclone slammed the Puntland region of Somalia last weekend to little international notice, wreaking havoc on an already impoverished population. The most recent death toll estimates at least 300 people dead, and the United Nations believes 30,000 people desperately require … read more »

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My people are Tribalistic…poem by Ayanle

My people are tribalistic     My people are tribalistic My people are very tribalistic So I’ll try my best to be 100% optimistic The fact of the matter is, I have to be realistic So I will give you … read more »

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EU poses as Somalia’s white knight… …but hides its own dirty hands

Radio Netherlands — A meeting billed as a donor conference for Somalia has tried to punch high above its weight by promising to help the new government end poverty and insecurity. But the EU’s efforts are largely driven by its … read more »

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The Puntland State of Somalia hired a lobbying firm in Washington to combat more Somali pirates

By Roxana Tiron — A region of Somalia that is home to many of the pirates who have made national news terrorizing area waters is seeking help from K Street to calm the troubled seas. The Puntland State of Somalia, … read more »

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