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Eid Al-Fitr 2014: USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia celebrate Eid on Monday

Eid Al-Fitr 2014 is here and Muslims in USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia and many other places are going to celebrate this occasion in a big way. But many people will celebrate it on Tuesday if crescent moon is not sighted … read more »

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Meet Mohamed Roble Municipal Candidate for Gloucester-Southgate Ward 10

Ottawa – Muslim Link interviewed Mohamed Roble, Municipal Candidate for Gloucester-Southgate Ward 10. The Ottawa Municipal Election takes place on Monday, October 27th 2014. Please tell me a little bit about your background (i.e. country of origin, where you are … read more »

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Culimada Soomaaliyeed oo si kulul uga hadlay Duqaynta Yuhuuda ay ku Hayaan Falastiin

Xili Yahuuda ay Xoojiyeen Duqeynta Cirka iyo Dhulka iskugu jirta islamarkaana ay ku hayaan Dhulka Reer Falastiin Gaar ahaan Magaalada Gaza ayaa Culumadda Soomaaliyeed waxaa ay Cambaareeyeen Duqeeynta Israa’iil ay ku hayso Dhulka Reer Falastiin. Kulan lagu Cambaareenayo Duulaanka Israa’iil … read more »

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boqolaal Kun oo Somali ah oo Gargaar bin’aadanimeed u baahan

Tiro kor u dhaafaysa 350,000 oo ruux oo ay wax yeeleen dagaalada dalka ka soconaya kuna sugan caasimada Mogadisho ayaa haatan u baahan Gargaar deg-deg ah ,sida waqtigan dowlada Somalia iyo hay’aduhuba ay ula halgamayaan qaabkii looyareen lahaa cunayarida,qarmada midoobe … read more »

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Somalia: Deteriorating food security

Why is food insecurity increasing again in Somalia? The answer is complex. There are a number of different factors that are contributing to a series of localised problems in both the centre and south of the country, but also in … read more »

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Nigeria Beats Somalia in Terror Casualties – Report

Nigeria has surpassed terror-ridden countries like Somalia, Iraq, making it the country with the highest casualty rate from terrorism -related attacks, a UK-based risk consultancy Maplecroft said yesterday in a report. The report entitled: Maplecroft Terrorism and Security Dashboard (MTSD), … read more »

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Seattle Somalis Worry Arrests Could Hinder How They Send Home Money

A Somali immigrant living in Kent was arrested Wednesday on charges of fundraising for the Somali insurgent group Al-Shabaab. Her arrest could cast more suspicion on the system Somalis use to send money home. The case against Hinda Osman Dhirane … read more »

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Somali PM: Donors must deliver on promises

Al Jazeera – Mogadishu, Somalia - A country whose very name is almost enough of an introduction, Somalia’s reputation of unfathomable violence and desperate poverty is known around the world. In decades of civil war, it has been described as a … read more »

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Five African Countries Designated As Fragile For Business

VENTURES AFRICA – A recent list by Washington-based Fund For Peace Fragile State Index has Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic top the record of fragile African countries in business terms. The non-profit … read more »

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Somalia seeks to avert looming food crisis

NAIROBI – Three years to the day since a famine that eventually killed more than a quarter of a million people was declared in Somalia, aid agencies warned Sunday the country faced a new catastrophe without urgent aid. A joint … read more »

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Video: Police Chief accused of “Crimes Against Humanity”

Somalia’s new Police Chief Gen Mohamed Ismail was accused of “Crimes Against Humanity” This video was produced and aired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) “The Fifth State” program back in 1992-10-06 A documentary video with incriminating evidence on the … read more »

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Information Minister releases Weekly Press Conference on the Progress of the Government

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) Minister of Information of Somalia Mustafa Duhulow today spoke to the media in Mogadishu to provide an update on the progress of the Federal Government of Somalia(FGS) over the last week. The Minister spoke on various issues: the … read more »

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FAA Prohibits US Planes over Somalia and other countries

New York – The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced that it has prohibited all U.S. air carriers and commercial operators from flying in Ethiopian airspace north of 12 degrees latitude as precaution following the shooting down of Malaysia … read more »

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Somali leader denies U.N. corruption accusations

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has distanced himself from a U.N. report accusing him of involvement in a conspiracy to divert millions of dollars in stolen and frozen Somali assets overseas. “We have demonstrated our commitment to progressive public financial … read more »

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VIDEO: British far-right group ‘invades’ UK mosque. ‘Respect our country, we’ll respect your mosques’

British far-right group ‘invades’ UK mosque, demands it remove ‘sexist’ signs The far-right group Britain First posted a video showing several members of its ‘Kent battalion’ entering the Crayford Mosque and confronting an elderly man about signs labeling separate entrances for women … read more »

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Somalia Declares Drought as Food Prices Skyrocket

The Somali government has declared a drought in six regions as monitors warn that food prices are soaring in the affected areas. The government on Thursday established a $500,000 drought relief fund and renewed an appeal for international help to … read more »

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Mubadala unit eyes oil opportunities in Somalia

A unit of Abu Dhabi-based Mubadala has signed a cooperation agreement with the Somali government which could see it developing oil exploration and production opportunities in the African country. Mubadala Petroleum said it has signed the agreement with the Ministry … read more »

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Daawo muuqaalka diyaaradda MH17 markay dhulka kusoo dhacday

Diyaarad rakaab ah oo ay lahayd Malaysian Airlines ayaa lagu soo riday bariga dalka Ukraine, halkaasi oo ah goob ay ka dagaallamayeen kooxaha mucaaradka ah ee taagersan Ruushka. MH17 oo ay saarnaayeen 298 qof ayaa la sheegayaa in dhamaantood ay … read more »

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Madaxweynaha oo lugu eedeyey shirqoolka weecinta hanti ay Soomaaliya leedahay (Warbixin)

  Muqdisho (Bartamaha) Warbixin ka soo baxday kooxda Qaramada Midoobay uqaabilsan xayiraada xaga hubka ah ee saaran Soomaaliya iyo Eretria ayaa lugu sheegay in madaxweynaha Soomaaliya,Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud,wasiirkii hore ee arrimaha dibadda Soomaaliya,Fowsiyo iyo shirkad laga leeyahay dalka Marekanka inay shirqooleen … read more »

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Somali women are ‘buck-toothed herdswomen’ Wandsworth school places decision maker

A volunteer for Wandsworth’s school admissions panel has been dismissed after publishing an offensive blog describing Somali women as buck-toothed herdswomen from a Saharan oasis. Retired journalist Hugh Thompson, from Putney, will no longer sit on the borough’s Independent Appeal … read more »

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