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Ex-Somali Colonel Told to Pay $15M in Torture Case


A former Somali military colonel who left the U.S. while facing civil allegations that he tortured a human rights advocate is being ordered to pay $15 million in damages.

A federal judge in Ohio awarded the compensation Tuesday to a man who said he endured months of torture in the 1980s during interrogations in Somalia. The judge had previously ruled that the former colonel, Abdi Aden Magan (AHB’-dee AH’-den MAY’-gehn), was responsible for the torture.

During court proceedings, the accuser, Abukar Hassan Ahmed (AB’-oo-kahr hah-SAHN’ AHK’-mehd), said the torture made it painful for him to sit and left him incontinent.

Magan lived for years in Ohio. He initially fought the 2010 lawsuit brought by the San Francisco-based Center for Justice and Accountability but stopped participating last year and now lives in Kenya.





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