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Family Pleads For Answers About Father’s Murder

Screen shot 2014-07-14 at 11.19.52 PMCOLUMBUS, Ohio – A family pleads for help finding their loved one’s killer.

Someone fatally shot 31-year-old Abdul-Fatah Yussuf at a north Columbus apartment complex on November 9.

“Every night when I put the kids to sleep, I cry myself,” said Fatima Ahmed.

“You don’t know how painful or how hard it is until it hits home,” said Yusuf Mohamed.

“Nobody’s around except my mom and my uncles,” said Jabro Mohamed.

Four months and the pain is still fresh for a wife, a cousin and three young children. Abdul-fatah Yusuf was abruptly ripped from their lives last fall.

From what Ahmed and Mohamed have pieced together, they’re not sure why he was there, but say Yussuf had pulled in and was approached by three men. They think  the men were strangers.

“As soon as he turned around, they shot him through his chest. Then, he tried to get away, but then they started shooting randomly,” said Ahmed.

They say he was at the apartment door, trying to get help when he was shot in the back.

“What kind of human being does that? Don’t they have a heart?” said Ahmed.

Ahmed and Yussuf were married for ten years and have three children.

“It’s been extremely hard,” said Ahmed.

“He wasn’t a bad person. He was a very good person, a clean heart,” said Mohamed.

The Somali community helped to raise $6,000 for a reward. The family says police won’t get back to them about the investigation and they just need someone to come forward.

“We want justice. Whoever is responsible for this murder, shouldn’t be on the streets,” said Mohamed. “We came here to this country to better our lives, to be able to run away from war, to run away from guns.”

10TV News tried to contact the lead detective in this case.  We were told he is on vacation and no one else can comment on it.

Anyone with information about the murder can call Crime Stoppers.

Tips are anonymous. The number is 614-461-TIPS.



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