In our politics…poem by Ayanle Daad

Picture taken by Mohamud Mumin

Picture taken by Mohamud Mumin



In our politics now, there has been a big shift

From north to south, there has been a big rift

A new generation has come to lift

When bridging this rift, they will be swift

Many are lost and we must assist them

Because tribalism is a backward system

Division is a tribal symptom

It shouldn’t always be us and against them

Enslaving the minds of simple people

Through these people it sends a ripple

Complex as it may seem, it is very simple

It enslaves the minds of simple people

And it’s not until you begin to stumble

That you drop to your knees and begin to be humble

For your nation and people have been reduced to rubble

It is now that you realize, tribalism means trouble

Take it from the man who is a poet

Many of our people are uneducated

In politics, honesty seems to be the best way to approach it

Please, their trust in you, do not erode it

Ayanle Daad

Copyright ©2009  Ayanle Daad
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