Somali president discusses his achievements and challenges ahead

hassan sheikh

Mogadishu — Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Thursday night attended an event organized by Heritage Institute of Policy Studies in Mogadishu to mark the end of his second year in office.

The president answered wide range of questions to selected members of the Somali society largely focusing on his achievements and challenges in good governance, federalism, fight against al Shabaab, reconciliation efforts and the controversial maritime boundary dispute between Kenya and Somalia.

He also raised the issue of alleged rape by African Union peacekeepers in Somalia, his government’s relations with Puntland and Somaliland administrations and the stabilization progress made by his government.

Speaking on the maritime boundary dispute between Kenya and Somalia and the subsequent lawsuit filed by his government to the United Nations top court, the president said Kenya has put a claim to a large portion of Somali territorial waters which forced his government to seek international ruling on the issue.

While speaking on the issue of Somaliland, the president said he encourages the continuation of the negotiations between the federal government and the Somaliland administration as he believes only talks between the two sides can produce tangible results and long term solutions.

Meanwhile, he praised Puntland administration for being a beacon in Somalia’s democracy and reiterated the proposed formation of an interim state in central Somalia -which Puntland largely opposes- does not pose a threat to the existence of Puntland administration.

Speaking on the allegations of rape by African Union peacekeepers in Somalia, the president expressed deep concerns over the disturbing allegations and reports of rape and sexual abuse by the AMISOM forces. He said his government has made direct contact with AMISOM over the Human Rights Watch report.

Source: Barkulan



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