Turkey orders their workers in Mogadishu to suspend operations due to insecurity

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Turkish organizations working in Mogadishu are reported to have suspended their operations in the capital today.

Statement withdrawn from Istanbul based Turkish government ordered their workers to suspend their daily operation in Mogadishu for fear of possible terror attacks against their workers following string of attacks against the Somali government and its officials.

Turkish organizations officers feared possible Al shabab attack against them during the holy month of Ramadan which Al Shabab stepped up their attacks on Somali government according to Turkish national who is working in Mogadishu.

Turkish organizations who are operating in Mogadishu implement Humanitarian and developmental projects including road construction and maintaining in the capital.

Recently, a Turkish National who was working with Turkish airline was slain in Mogadishu while he was driving along with a Somali national who also got injured in the attack by armed men at KM-4 street in the capital.




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