Weapons siezed from Bakaro Market, 30 arrested in a daytime operation in Mogadishu

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Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) At least 30 suspected of Al Shabab members were nabbed after security forces conducted a daytime operation in the biggest marketplace in Mogadishu Bakaro Market on Tuesday.

The operation which was conducted with an intelligence information by the security forces led to the seizure of illegal weapons among them pistols which the security officials believed to be used for assassinations committed in the capital city.

Hawlwadag District Commissioner Ahmed Nur Siyad who spoke to the reporters inside Bakaro Makrket after the search operation concluded said the operation was part of the government’s efforts to disarm the armed militias and restore the security to this war-torn capital city.

“We have found an information about the suspected Al Shabab members were hiding in a house in the market that is why we went there, and after search operation luckily the security people seized pistols and other weapons.” Ahmed Nur Siyad said.

He said the thirty suspected are now under police investigation and the security agency will make sure that those not found guilty will be freed soon.

The operation in Bakaro Market came days after Somalia’s well-trained Anti-Terrorism Unit known as “Alpha Group” conducted deadly operations in which they disarmed three powerful warlords in Mogadishu.  The forces also apprehended dozens of armed militias from different locations in Mogadishu.




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