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AMISOM takes precautionary measures to minimize the risk of Ebola transmission by AU troops in Somalia

AMISOM BRIEFING LARGEMogadishu, 2 August 2014-The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) continues to closely monitor the ongoing epidemic of the Ebola virus disease that has spread throughout Guinea and beyond the nation’s borders in West Africa. The outbreak, which began in Guinea in February 2014, has spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

AMISOM is particularly concerned for the welfare of key troop contributing countries including Sierra Leone and Nigeria. AMISOM is also acutely aware and cautious of the risk presented by deployment of troops from the aforementioned countries in Somalia. The deployment of the Republic of Sierra Leone’s Leo Battalion II which was due in July remains on hold at the moment. This is a cautionary measure despite the fact that the World Health Organization is yet to issue travel restrictions for the affected areas.

As is standard practice, troops undergo extensive medical evaluation before deployment in Somalia. Routine subsequent screening and check-ups are conducted in the mission area to ensure optimum health standards across the board.

AMISOM is closely coordinating with partners including the Federal Government of Somalia and the World Health Organization on pre-emptive measures in light of the situation. This includes the establishment of an isolation ward at AMISOM Level II hospital and stocking of personal protection gear. The Federal Government of Somalia and its partners also continue to monitor the country’s key entry points.

While there is no cause for alarm, AMISOM will continue to treat this matter with utmost gravity and diligence.



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