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Qalinkii Maxamed Xaaji Waa maxay Hegelian Dialectic? Waxaa fikraddan hindisay filasuuf Jarman ahaa oo la oran jiray Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel oo qarnigii...Continue reading »

Al-Shabab: Guardians of Somali identity? British Channel 4 journalist Jamal Osman had an exclusive on al-Shabab that included a training and graduation...Continue reading »

OpEd by Hassan Sheikh Moahmud & Catherine Ashton Nobody can deny it. Somalia has come a long way. The tremendous changes the country has been through...Continue reading »

PRESS RELEASE 1 September 2013 Puntland Government welcomes the Agreement signed in Addis Ababa on August 27 between the Federal Government of Somalia...Continue reading »

Michael Shank — When pundits and politicos in Washington think of Somalia, the first thing they likely think of is al-Shabaab, the violent rebel...Continue reading »

Ma doonayo inaan qof Soomaaliyeed wax ka sheego amaba aan ceebeeyo, waxaase labaatankii sano ee lasoo dhaafay inagu fogeeyay waranka siyaasiyiin iska indha...Continue reading »

By Hassan M. Abukar — I have lived and worked in the United States for a long time now, but just when I think I have seen enough of the life of...Continue reading »

PRESS RELEASE (For immediate release) Mogadishu-August 6, 2013; As Somalia marks the second anniversary since the liberation of the capital city Mogadishu...Continue reading »


W.Q. Yusuf Garad Ciidan Caabboon Marka la barbardhigo Soomaaliya inteeda kale, Somaliland waxay ku tallaabsatay horumar dhinacyo badan leh oo la taaban...Continue reading »

Energy companies scrambling for reserves risk opening up dangerous faultlines After an absence of more than 30 years, Abdirizak Omar Mohamed has returned...Continue reading »

Abdihakim Aynte Last week, Somalia’s donors and international partners came together in London to lay down the foundations of post-transitional government...Continue reading »

Mogadishu, Somalia – When al-Shabaab terrorists attacked the Mogadishu courthouse on April 14, they were attempting to reverse the country’s...Continue reading »

Dowladda Britain dib ayay uga furtey safaradii ay ku laheed Soomaaliya taas oo irdaha loo laabey 1991-kii markii Soomaaliya ay ka dhaceen dagaladii sokeeye...Continue reading »

Un-burdened by the UN bureaucratic deficiencies, rampant corruption and the EU political agenda, the CIA team have dramatically shown through NISA that...Continue reading »

Somalia has been the paradigm of failed states since before 1993, when militants shot down two Black Hawk helicopters and killed 18 American soldiers in...Continue reading »

Somalia has had perhaps the most turbulent statehood in modern history but perhaps that is turning into an era of peaceful leadership. ALEXANDRIA, Va.,...Continue reading »

Last week, the U.S. government recognized a government of Somalia for the first time since 1991. In his remarks to Secretary of State Clinton, President...Continue reading »

By JAMAL KHASHOGGI Next to us, we Saudis, and within our strategic security sphere, lies a country biting the dust for more than two decades. Its collapse...Continue reading »

OPINION Five years ago, Uganda committed troops to the African Union Mission (Amisom), backed by UN Security Council resolution 1744 13 (2007), to stabilise...Continue reading »