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ANALYSIS In Somalia, the radical Islamist militia, Al-Shabab, that has terrorized much of the country over the past five years, appears to be on the run....Continue reading »

After 20 years of sliding backwards, Somalia has taken a step in the right direction. Together with international efforts and adoption of a new federal...Continue reading »

Last July at Hargeisa International Book Festival (HIBF), it was launched a book with the title ‘Getting Somalia Wrong; Faith,war and hope in a shattered...Continue reading »

Just as the temperature of the ‘security threat’ slowly declines in Somalia, it rises in other parts of East Africa. Elements of mainly political,...Continue reading »

The West is moving toward a military intervention in Mali, somewhat slowly yet entirely deliberately, due to concerns about al-Qaeda’s control of territory...Continue reading »

Ciidamada Jabuuti ee ka qeybta ah ciidamada nabad ilaalinta afrika ee AMISOM ee jooga magalada Baladweyne ee gobolka Hiiraan ayaa dayactir balaaran ku...Continue reading »

As the year of 2012 and its traumatic experience close its dark blanket on us, I could not resist but to go back in history when a few good men epitomized...Continue reading »

The setting up of local public administration in the regions of Gedo, Lower Jubba and Middle Jubba yet to be entirely liberated from the Al Qaeda affiliated...Continue reading »

Billions are sent every year around the world to loved ones, business partners and for community development through remittance companies. For many from...Continue reading »

On Saturday December 15, 2012, Ahmed Samatar told a Somali-Minnesotan crowd in Minneapolis that he left the Somali Federal parliament without permission...Continue reading »

Transparency International just released its 2012 country rankings of corruption in the public sector. The index is based on a variety of corruption-related...Continue reading »

The recent Memorandum of Understanding delegitimizes the federal government and pre-empts its sovereign leadership role in the internal and external affairs...Continue reading »

They fired him! Showed him the door, booted him out. This just in: The al Qaeda-linked Somali jihadist group, al Shabaab, has officially sacked US-born...Continue reading »

It is a very dangerous time: where doing good and standing up for your colleagues Are apparently crimes in Faroole’s Puntland. What is next It is very...Continue reading »

In Kenya, we have had Kenyatta (a Kikuyu) as the president for 15 years. Moi, so far, the longest serving president Kenya has ever had, was there for close...Continue reading »

 Kenya and Ethiopia Insist Arranging Local Administrations in Somalia The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the regional organization...Continue reading »

KISMAYO, Somalia — Incredibly, this small port city, a study in ruin in a country that is a parable of ruin,boasts two airports. There is the new airport,...Continue reading »

In May 1991, Somaliland emerged as a self-declared independent state in the aftermath of the failure and subsequent collapse of Siyad Barre’s Somalia....Continue reading »

By Rohini Bhaskar 12/14/2012: Once upon a time, Somalia was one of Africa’s most prosperous and thriving commercial centers. However, because of an...Continue reading »

I’m from Somalia in East Africa; I grew up in North Somalia. I was born able to hear, and throughout most of my life I could hear. When I was 14...Continue reading »