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Mohamed Barre and his children pose for a photo on October 15, 2014, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pictured (from left to right) are Ilias, age 12, Ilhan, age 9, Issa , age 11, Barre, Ilham, age 9, Ismael, age 13, and Ishaq, age 10

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For years, Mohamed Barre has been taking photographs of the Twin Cities Somali community. The Somali refugee's goal is to create an archive of immigrant life to share will his American-born children.
For years, Mohamed Barre has been taking photographs of the Twin Cities Somali community. The Somali refugee’s goal is to create an archive of immigrant life to share will his American-born children.

Years ago, Mohamed Barre began snapping pictures of Somali life in Minnesota just so his kids could see what it was like for the first refugees.
But as he photographed everything from mosques to halal markets, Barre found he’d built a rich archive of Somali-American life for everyone. What began as an amateur photographer’s tinkering grew into art.

On Saturday, he’ll host an exhibit of his images at Bottineau Commons in Minneapolis. Barre, 50, describes the photos as “a good excuse” to get Somalis and non-Somalis together.

“I want everyone to get to know my community as well as their neighbors, to know more who they are and ask questions that you somehow cannot ask at the playground, at the bus,” he said recently as he watched his children run around the soccer fields near their northeast Minneapolis apartment building. “You can come and ask me any question that relates about the community.”

Mohamed Barre and his children pose for a photo on October 15, 2014, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pictured (from left to right) are Ilias, age 12, Ilhan, age 9, Issa , age 11, Barre, Ilham, age 9, Ismael, age 13, and Ishaq, age 10
Mohamed Barre and his children pose for a photo on October 15, 2014, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Pictured (from left to right) are Ilias, age 12, Ilhan, age 9, Issa , age 11, Barre, Ilham, age 9, Ismael, age 13, and Ishaq, age 10

Barre came to the United States as a refugee in 1995. He lived in Virginia then moved to Minnesota in 1998. He met his wife, Naema Ali, also a Somali refugee, when they were both in college at St. Mary’s University in Minneapolis. Their six kids, ages 9 to 13, were all born in Minnesota.

It’s important for the younger generation to know the way things were for people who fled war-torn Somalia, Barre said. But while some Somali refugees focus on returning to a renewed Somalia, Barre says that’s the last thing on his mind.

“We are raising children that were born here. Few of them will ever go back,” said Barre, a child-support officer at the Hennepin County Department of Health and Human Services. Immersing them completely in American life will let them “integrate and understand this is their country.”

That doesn’t mean he wants his children completely disconnected from their heritage. When asked, they can rattle off facts about Somalia, their parents’ homeland.

“They have dangerous animals, like hyenas and lions,” says 10-year-old Ishaq.

“A lot of beaches and mango trees,” Issa, who’s 11, chimes in.

The children are more comfortable, though, with knock-knock jokes and NFL scores. Occasionally they burst into random pop culture refrains, like when they sing the theme from the “Cops” TV show.

Barre and his wife wouldn’t have it any other way. “They owe a sense of belonging to somewhere and it has to be here in Minnesota,” he said. “I have to give them full freedom for them to exercise and understand the culture they belong to.”

“I want them to understand who I am, what my values are, the cultures that I had,” he said. “But I also want to give them the opportunity to understand their culture so they can choose how to blend the two.”

When they’re older, he hopes they’ll look at his photos and see the faces of the Somali refugees who helped make their lives in Minnesota possible.

“I always tell them, ‘Don’t be like me, a newcomer,” he said. “You were born here. You live here.”




Mogadishu — Four people were killed and nine wounded in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Wednesday when a suicide bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into a UN convoy, police and rebels said.
The convoy of armoured vehicles was ferrying staff between Mogadishu’s heavily-fortified airport and a protected UN base in the city when it was hit close to the airport gate.

Somalia’s Al-Qaeda-affiliated Shebab rebels, who are fighting to overthrow the country’s internationally-backed government, said in a statement that their fighters had “targeted a convoy of foreign mercenaries and their apostate allies.”

UN convoys are systematically flanked by pickup trucks carrying private security officers who provide protection for international staff.

“The bomber drove in between the security escort and the UN armoured vehicles and detonated the car, ramming into one of the escort vehicles,” police officer Mohamed Liban told AFP.

Liban said he had counted four bodies, all Somali nationals either providing security for the UN or those passing by who had been caught by the blast. Police said nine others were wounded.

The UN mission in Somalia confirmed the attack, saying in a statement that there were “thankfully no injuries to UN staff” but regretting the “casualties amongst bystanders and security personnel.”

A dark plume of smoke rose high in the sky as fierce flames engulfed the wreckage of vehicles hit by the explosion, which was heard across the seaside capital.

- ‘Smoke all around’ -

Witnesses said the UN convoy consisted of four armoured vehicles escorted by private security personnel driving in pick-up trucks.

“The explosion was very big and there is smoke all around the area. I can hardly see people lying on the ground, either dead or wounded,” said local resident Shamso Idle.

The attack appeared to be a repeat of a Shebab operation in February, when six people — Somali guards, passers-by and shop owners — were killed in a suicide attack on a convoy carrying UN staff near the airport.

A number of foreign diplomatic missions are based inside the huge airport complex, which has also been used to house a number of UN staff since a city-centre UN compound was attacked by the Shebab last year.

The airport zone is also the base of the 22,000-strong African Union force fighting the Shebab.

Shebab fighters once controlled most of southern and central Somalia, but have been driven out of fixed positions in Mogadishu and most major towns by the AU force.

Shebab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane was killed by a US air strike in September. He has since been replaced by Ahmad Umar Abu Ubaidah.

The group have carried out a string of high profile attacks in Mogadishu this year, including against the presidency, parliament and intelligence headquarters.

Shootings and car bombings are also a regular occurence in the city.

The Shebab have also stepped up operations in Kenya, and on Tuesday massacred 36 non-Muslim quarry workers in a Kenyan border town.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta vowed to “intensify the war on terrorism” against the Shebab following the quarry attack, calling the Islamists “deranged animals” and blaming them for the death of more than 800 Kenyans.

The Shebab in turn warned they would be “uncompromising, relentless and ruthless” in further attacks.


Mogadishu Suicide Bomb Dec 03_2 Mogadishu Suicide Bomb Dec 03_3 Mogadishu Suicide Bomb Dec 03_4 Mogadishu Suicide Bomb Dec 03_5




The two-day High Level Partnership Forum (HLPF) co-chaired by Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the United Nations is aimed to maintain momentum in the political transition process and foster dialogue and reconciliation in Somalia.
The conference brought together Somali federal government and regional representatives, civil society and the international community representative.

“The HLPF will be a critical opportunity to review progress and chart the way ahead for the implementation of the New Deal Somali Compact,” said UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General to Somalia Nicholas Kay.

“Much has been achieved, particularly through the concerted and joint efforts of the federal government. But significant challenges remain,” he added.

Danish Ambassador Geert Aagaard Andersen, European Union Special Representative for the Horn of Africa Alex Rondos, EU Special Envoy to Somalia Michele Cervone d’Urso, Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Marcelli, Swedish Ambassador Mikael Lindvall and British Ambassador Neil Wigan are also attending the meeting.

The United States which was earlier invited to the conference has cancelled its participation over recent political tension between the President and the Prime Minister.

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Donor conference for Somalia 1 Donor conference for Somalia 2 Donor conference for Somalia 3 Donor conference for Somalia 4 Donor conference for Somalia 5 Donor conference for Somalia 6 Donor conference for Somalia 7 Donor conference for Somalia 8 Donor conference for Somalia 9 Donor conference for Somalia 10

Qarax Muqdisho

Qarax Muqdisho

Muqdisho (Bartamaha) Laba qof oo mid ka mid ah uu ahaa mas’uul ka tirsan dowladda Soomaaliya ayaa ku dhaawacmay qarax maanta ka dhacay jidka muhiimka ah ee Maka Al-Mukarama ee Muqdisho, iyadoo mas’uulka lahaa gaariga uu qaraxu ka dhacay uu gellinkii dambe ee maanta u dhintay dhaawicii soo gaaray.

Qaraxan oo ahaa mid lagu xiray baabuurka mas’uulkan oo lagu magacaabi jiray, Mukhaar Dheer oo ka tirsanaa qaybta baratakoolka ee madaxtooyada, haddana ka mid ahaa xubnaha ka howlgala garoonka diyaaradaha ee Muqdisho ayaa ka dhacay agagaarka hoteel Wehliye oo ku dhow isgoyska dabka.

Gaariga qaraxa lagu soo xiray ayaa gabi ahaan burburay, iyadoo qaraxuna uu dhacay xilli uu gaarigu socday waddaduna ay ahayd mid aad u mashquul badan, iyadoo qofka kale ee uu dhaawaca kasoo gaaray qaraxan uu ahaa wiil dhallinyaro ah oo waddada marayay.

Waddada ayaa waxaa qaraxa kaddib buuxiyay ciidammo ka tirsan kuwa amniga dowladda Soomaaliya, iyagoo joojiyay dhammaan isku socodka jidka, waxaana sidoo kale halkaa soo gaaray ciidamada dabka la dagaalama oo damiyay gaariga uu dab ka kacay.

Afhayeenka maamulka gobolka Banaadir, Cali Zeko oo goobta soo gaaray ayaa sheegay in qaraxa uu ahaa mid gaariga lagu soo xiray, balse ay billaabayaan baaritaanno ay ku baadi-goobayaan kuwii ka dambeeyay qaraxa gaariga lagu xiray.

Xalaadda amni ee Muqdisho ayaa wali ah mid ay ka dhacayaan falal amni darro,waxaana sidoo kale socda howlgallo ciidammada ammaanka ay ku soo qabteen uh iyo rag ka tirsan Al-shabaab.

Qarax Muqdisho 6 - Bartamaha Qarax Muqdisho 5 - Bartamaha Qarax Muqdisho 4 - Bartamaha Qarax Muqdisho 1 - Bartamaha Qarax Muqdisho 2 - Bartamaha Qarax Muqdisho 3 - Bartamaha




Mogadishu (AFP) – Two people were seriously wounded Sunday when a bomb exploded in their car in the Somali capital Mogadishu, police said.

“We believe that the bomb was attached to the car,” police officer Ahmed Siyad said.

The blast, on one of the seaside capital’s busiest and central roads, set the car on fire.

Witnesses said the blast could be heard several streets away.

“The car burned up into flames, there were two people with their bodies covered in blood, it was horrible,” said Muhsin Adan, a witness.

“They were alive, but I’m not sure if they would survive such injuries,” he added.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bomb, but Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab insurgents have stepped up guerrilla attacks in the capital and elsewhere in the country after being chased from key cities by African Union-led troops.

The attack took place on a busy road leading to the government district.

The identies of those wounded was not immediately clear.

Qarax Muqdisho 1 - Bartamaha Qarax Muqdisho 2 - Bartamaha Qarax Muqdisho 3 - Bartamaha Qarax Muqdisho 4 - Bartamaha Qarax Muqdisho 5 - Bartamaha Qarax Muqdisho 6 - Bartamaha



Mogadishu (Bartamaha) Somali National Assembly speaker Professor Mohamed Osman Jawari had called upon members of the parliament to give him the last chance to mediate the deepened unrest in the Somalia federal government top leaders before they use other means.

Amid a political dreadlock between the President of federal government of Somalia Hassan Shiekh Mohamud and Prime Minister Abdiweli Shiekh Ahmed, Somali Parliament speaker together with International Community are making separate talks with the top leaders over their differences that led the weak western-backed government institutions to freeze their steady progress to stability in the country.

Somali lawmakers had also the first time became divided on the tension between the president and the Prime Minister, while some have tabled a “No Confidence” motion against the Prime Minister causing other lawmakers on the Prime Ministers in anger.

International partners of Somalia had unanimously warned over “No Confidence” motion which they said could became major setback to Somalia’s vision of realising a government in the near future.

Parliamentarians are expected to debate the motion against the Prime Minister if the ongoing mediation fails to bring about ease.


Jawaari oo la shiray xildhibaannada mooshinka 7 Jawaari oo la shiray xildhibaannada mooshinka 8 Jawaari oo la shiray xildhibaannada mooshinka 5 Jawaari oo la shiray xildhibaannada mooshinka 6 Jawaari oo la shiray xildhibaannada mooshinka 4 Jawaari oo la shiray xildhibaannada mooshinka 3 Jawaari oo la shiray xildhibaannada mooshinka 1 Jawaari oo la shiray xildhibaannada mooshinka 2 jawaari - Bartamaha
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Aaska Taliyihii Booliska Soomaaliya

Aaska Taliyihii Booliska SoomaaliyaMadaxda Dalka ayaa maanta oo qeybgashay Aaska Taliyihii Booliska ee Soomaaliya Marxuum Maxamed Shiikh Xasan. Marxuumka ayaa maanta lagu aasay dugsiga tababarada booliiska ee Jen. Kaahiye (Scuola Polizia).

Taliyihii Taliyihii Booliska ee Soomaaliya Jen. Maxamed Sheekh Xasan Ismaaciil oo maalintii Khamiista ahayd si lama filaan ah ugu geeriyooday Muqdisho.

Halkan ka daawo Sawirada:

Aaska Taliyihii Booliska Soomaaliya 6Aaska Taliyihii Booliska Soomaaliya 7Aaska Taliyihii Booliska Soomaaliya 8Aaska Taliyihii Booliska Soomaaliya 5Aaska Taliyihii Booliska Soomaaliya 4Aaska Taliyihii Booliska Soomaaliya 3Aaska Taliyihii Booliska Soomaaliya 2Aaska Taliyihii Booliska Soomaaliya 1
Aaska Taliyihii Booliska Soomaaliya 00


SAWIRO Heshiiska Puntland iyo Dowladda Faderaalka Soomaaliya

SAWIRO Heshiiska Puntland iyo Dowladda Faderaalka Soomaaliya

Garowe (BARTAMAHA) Shirkii Wada Xaajoodka Dowladda Puntland iyo Dowladda Federaalka Soomaliya uga socday magaalada Garoowe ayaa maanta soo af jarmay..

Gabagabada shirkaan ayaa waxaa ka soo qeyb galay Madaxweynaha Dowladda Puntland Dr.Cabdiweli Maxamed Cali Gaas,Raysal Wasaaraha Dalka Soomaliya Cabdiweli Shiikh Axmed ,Madaxweyne ku Xigeenka Dowladda Puntland Cabdixakiin Cabdulaahi Camay ,Gudoomiyaha Baarlamaanka Puntland Siciid Xasan Shire,Gudoomiye ku xigeenka Labaad ee Baarlamaanka Soomaliya Mahad Cawad.

Shirka ayaa waxaa sidookale Goob joog ahaa Wakiilka Xog-hayaha Guud ee Qaramada Midoobey ee Soomaaliya Danjire Nicholas kay, Wakiilka gaarka ah ee Urur Goboleedka IGAD u qaabilsan Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdi Afey , Wakiilka gaarka ah ee Midowga Europe u qaabilsan Soornaaliya Ambassador Michele Cervone d’urso iyo Safiirka Ethopia u fadhiya Soomaliya iyo Gudoonka IGAD Ambassador Wondimo Asamnew.

Hoos ka daawo sawiradii shirka:

Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 1 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 001 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 2 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 3 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 4 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 5 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 6 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 7 Nick Kay Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 8 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 9 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 10 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 11 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 12 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 13 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 14 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 15 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 16 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 17 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 18 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 19 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 20 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 21 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 22 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 23 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 24 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 25 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 26 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 27 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 28 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 29 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 30 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 31 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 32 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 33 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 34 Puntland iyo dowladda faderaalka 35


RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 2

RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 2

Garoowe (Bartamaha) Raysal Wasaaraha Dalka Soomaliya Cabdiweli Shiikh Axmed iyo Wafti Balaaran oo uu hogaaminayey ayaa Maanta si weyn loogu soo dhaweeyey Magaalo Madaxda Dowladda Puntland ee Garoowe.

Soo dhaweynta Raysal-wasaaraha Dalka Soomaliya waxaa ka qayb qaatey Madaxweynaha Dowladda Puntland Dr.Cabdiweli Maxamed Cali Gaas ,Madaxweyne Ku Xigeenka Dowladda Puntland Cabdixakiin Cabdulaahi Camay ,Gudoomiyaha Baarlamanka Puntland Siciid Xasan Shire ,Wasiiro, Xildhibaano ,Haween , Dhalinyaro iyo Dadweyne aad u badnaa ku waasi oo Safnaa Wadada laamiga ah Hareeraheeda.

Cutubyo katirsan Ciidanka Puntland iyo Kooxda baambeyda ayaa waxa ay salaan Sharaf wadajir ah siiyeen Madaxweynaha Dowladda Puntland Dr.Cabdiweli Maxamed Cali Gaas iyo Raysal Wasaaraha Dalka Sooamliya Cabdiweli Shiikh Axmed .

Soo dhaweyn ka dib ayaa Wafdigii uu Hogaaminayey Raysal Wasaare Cabdiweli loo soo gudbiyey aqalka madaxtooyada Dowladda Puntland ee Garoowe waxana halkaasi Shir jaraa’id kuwada qabtey Madaxweyne Gaas iyo Raysal Wasaare Cabdiweli Shiikh.

”Waxaa Sharaf Weyn noo ah in Puntland Gaar ahaan Caasimadda Garoowe nagu soo booqdo Raysal Wasaaraha Dalka Soomaalia Cabdiweli Shiikh Axmed iyo Waftiga uu hogaaminayo oo ay ku jiraan Wasiiro”Ayuu yiri Madaxweyne Gaas .

”Raysal Wasaare Soo dhawoow Garoowe waa dalkaagi,waa dadkaagi way ku soo dhaweynayaan aad beyna shacabku kuugu faraxsan yahiin inaad noo timaado ”Ayuu yiri Madaxaweyne Gaas .

”Waxaan rajeyneynaa wax badan oo mugdi ah oo soo dhexgalay Dowladda Federaalka iyo Dowladda Puntland in booqashadaadu ay daweynayso ayna u tahay in xiriirkaasi wanaagsanaado ”Ayuu yiri Madaxweyne Gaas .

”Sidookale waxaan rajeynayaa wax badan oo Dowladda Puntland ka tabaneysay Dowladda Federaalka inaad u wadid ayaan filayaa,sidaa daraadeed waxaan rajeynayaa in booqashadaadu noqoto booqasho guul ah ”Ayuu hadalka raaciyey Madaxweyne Gaas .

Ugu Dambeyn Raysal Wasaarah Dalka Soomaliya Cabdiweli Shiikh Axmed ayaa Madaxda iyo Shacabka Puntland uga Mahadceliyey soo dhaweyntii wanaagsaneyd ee ay u sameeyen.

”Waxaan rajeynayaa Kheyr baan idin kala kulanaye in idinkana aad Kheyr nagala kulantaan ”Ayuu yiri Raysal Wasaare Cabdiweli Shiikh.

Ra’iisal wasaaraha Inta uu ku sugan-yahay magaalada Garoowe iyo deegaannada Puntland waxaa lugu wada inuu la shiro madaxda dowladda Puntland iyo waxgaradka gobolka.

Waxaa la sheegay inuu tagi doono magaalooyin ka baxsan Garoowe oo ka tirsan Puntland halkaas oo u kula soo shirayo waxgaradka iyo odayaasha.

Shirar Puntland iyo wafdi uu hoggaamiyo ra’iisal wasaare Cabdiweli oo wasirro iyo xildhibaanno ay isagu jiran ayaa lugu wada inay billowdan maalin berrito ah,waxaana laga doonaya inay ka soo baxan qodobbo lugu soo afjarayo khilafka faderaalkaiyo Puntland,halka sidoo kale laga hadli doono qabka uu noqonayo maamulka gobollada Mudug iyo Galgaduud.

RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 12 RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 13 RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 7 RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 8 RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 6 RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 5 RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 9 RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 1 RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 3 RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 4 RW Somalia oo tagay Puntland 0

Suicide car bomber targets AU convoy copy

Suicide car bomber targets AU convoy copy

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) At least 13 were killed after suicide car bomber has targeted African Union convoy near the main corridor between Mogadishu and Afgooye on Monday, Somali government and health officials confirmed.

Lower Shabelle governor Abdikadir Mohamed Nur said the  suicide car bomber believed to be an Al Shabab member attacked the convoy from Mogadishu and heading toward Afgooye town.

“Most of those killed were civilians traveling in two mini buses who were caught on the explosion.  We have also collected 27 wounded civilians including women.” the governor who survived from the attack said.

The governor added that the suicide bomber who seemed to young man also died in the explosion.

“As we were passing a bus stop at Hawa Abdi area, a small vehicle drove to us, we did not think it could a suicide car bomber. It stopped between two mini buses as we continued. But immediately the car drove toward us and blew off.” the governor said.

At least three AMISOM officers and two American experts working for the Bancroft Global Development firm which provides a package of mentoring services to the AMISOM were wounded.

An Al Shabab spokesman Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Mus’ab took the credit of the attack and said that they revenged for their slain leader by targeting U.S citizens in Somalia.

Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 1 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 2 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 3 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 4 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 5 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 6 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 7 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 8 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 9 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 10 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 11 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 12


qaraxa sept 8

qaraxa sept 8

Muqdisho (BARTAMAHA) Qarax geystay khasaare xoogan oo ahaa mid Ismiidaamin ah ayaa ka dhacay maanta wadada u dhaxeysa Magaalooyinka Muqdisho iyo Afgooye,waxaana la sheegayaa in meesha qaraxu ka dhacay u dhowdahay deegaanka Xaawo Cabdi.

Bartilmaadeedka qaraxa ayaa ahaa Gawaari kolanyo ah oo ay leeyihiin Ciidamada AMISOM oo xiligaas marayey wadada sida ay Raxanreeb Online u sheegeen dad ka agdhowaa goobta qaraxa xoogan uu ka dhacay.

Ugu yaraan 20-qof dad gaaraya ayaa la xaqiijiyey in qaraxa ku nafwaayeen halka dad ka badan Sodomeeyo kale uu dhaawac kasoo gaaray qaraxaas,dadka ugu badan ayaa ku basbeelay gaari nooca loo yaqaan Caasiga oo ay saarnaayeen kaas oo kusii jeeday magaaladda Muqdisho.

Askar ka socotay Ciidamada AMISOM ee marayey goobta ayaa sida dad goobjoogayaal ah u sheegeen waxa burbur aan xooganeyn kasoo gaaray gaari nooca qufulan aysan xabaduhu karin iyo Saddex kamid ah Ciidamadooda oo dhaawac soo gaaray.

Mid kamid ah Gabdhaha ay dhashay Dr Xaawo Cabdi oo la yiraahdo Dr Aamino oo Indhaheeda kusoo aragtay dadka dhibaatadu gaartay ayaa sheegtay in aragtay dad wada gubtay isla markaana aysan jirin dad ka badbaaday gaarigii shacabka ahaa ee qaraxu haleelay.

Duniya Maxamed Cali oo ah iyadu Madaxa Caafimaadka ee Isbitaalka MADIINA ayaa sheegtay in Isbitaalkooda lasoo gaarsiiyey dad dhaawac ah oo gaaraya dhowr iyo labaatan si aad ah u wada gubtay balse dhaawacyadu yihiin kuwa halis ah.

Laamaha ammaanka ee Dowladda Federaalka ee Soomaaliya weli kama aysan hadlin qaraxa Xoogan ee dadka badan dhibaatadu kasoo gaartay,waxaana weli la aqoon Askarta sida rasmiga ah uga dhaawacntay ama ka dhimatay Ciidanka AMISOM.

Gaariga dadka badan ku dhinteen ee Baska ah ayaa sida la sheegayo ka yimid deegaano ka tirsan gobolka Shabeelaha Hoose isla markaana uu ku socday magaaladda Muqdisho ee xarunta gobolka Banaadir.

Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 11 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 12 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 8 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 7 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 9 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 10 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 6 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 5 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 4 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 3 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 1 Qaraxii Ismiidaamin sept 8 2

turkey 1

Muqdisho (BARTAMAHA) Madaxweynaha dowladda faderaalka Soomaaliya,Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud iyo wafdi uu hoggaaminayo ayaa maanta u amba baxay dalka Turkiga, halkaasi oo ay kaga qeyb geli doonaan xafladda caleemo saarka loo sameynayo madaxweynaha cusub ee dalka Turkiga Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa wafdiga uu hoggaaminayo waxaa ka mid ah Wasiirka Arrimaha dibedda ee Soomaaliya Mudane Cabdiraxmaan Ducaale Beyle iyo mas’uuliyiin kale oo ka tirsan dowladda Soomaaliya, waxaana Wafdiga Madaxweynaha garoonka diyaaradaha ku sii sagootiyay Guddoomiyaha Golaha Shacabka Mudane Maxamed Sheekh Cismaan Jawaari, xubno ka tirsan labada gole ee dowladda, saraakiil ciidan iyo mas’uuliyiin kale.

Mudane Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa qeyb ka ah Madaxda lagu casuumay ka qeyb galka munaasabada lagu caleemo saarayo Madaxweynaha dalka Turkiga Recep Tayyip Erdoğan oo dhawaan ku guuleystay doorasho Madaxtinimo oo dalka Turkiga ka dhacday, iyadoo maalinta berrito ah lagu wado in uu si rasmi ah ula wareego xilka Madaxtinimada dalkaasi.

Tan iyo markii uu Mudane Recep Tayyip Erdoğan uu ku guuleystay xilka Madaxtinimo ee dalkaasi ayaa waxaa Muqdisho lagu qabto kulamo kala duwan oo lagu taageerayay Mr Erdogan oo kaalin weyn ka qaatay u gurmashada shacabka Soomaaliyeed, kaddib markii sanadkii 2011-ka uu booqasho taariikhi ah ku yimid caasimadda Soomaaliya ee Muqdisho.

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India Somalia

India Somalia

Muqdisho (BARTAMAHA) Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka ah ee Soomaaliya Mudane Xassan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa maanta xafiiskiisa ku qaabilay danjiraha dowladda India usoo magacowday Soomaaliya Danjire Yogeshwar Varma oo bedeli doonaa danjirihii hore iyadoo islamaanta uu Madaxweynuhu warqdaha aqoonsiga ee safiirnimo ka guddoomay Danjiraha cusub.

Intaasi kaddib Madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh iyo safiirka cusub ee India u soo magacawday Soomaaliya waxa ay ka wada hadleen arrimo badan oo ay ugu horeyso xoojinta cilaaqaadka saaxiibtinimo ee labada dal iyo in dowladda India ay ka qeyb qaadato sidii tababaro loo siin lahaa shaqaalaha dowladda.

Wasiirka Arrimaha dibadda ee Xukuumadda Soomaaliya Mudane C/raxmaan Ducaale Beyle oo kulanka kaddib la hadlay Warbaahinta ayaa sheegay in safiirkan cusub ee India uu badali doono safiirkii hore ee India u joogay Soomaaliya, isagoo intaa ku daray in dalka ay ku soo badanayaan safiiro cusub.

“Safiirada iminka dalka jooga waxa ay gaarayaan inka badan 50 safiir, tan kale India waxaan leenahay cilaaqaad toos ah oo soo jireen ah, waxaana ku balanay in aan xoojino xiriirka labada dal” ayuu yiri Wasiirka Arrimaha dibadda ee Soomaaliya.

Danjire Yogeshwar Varma oo ah safiirka cusub ee ay India u soo magacawday Soomaaliya oo isna la hadlay saxaafadda ayaa sheegay in uu aad ugu faraxsanyahay in Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliya uu ka guddoomo warqadihiisa aqoonsiga ee danjirenimo.

“Waxa ay ii tahay farxad in aan la kulmo Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya, anigoo salaan qaali ah uga sida mas’uuliyiinta dowladda India iyo shacabkeeda, sida aad ogtihiin India iyo Soomaaliya waxaa ka dhexeeya xiriir wanaagsan oo soo jireen ah, waxaana dhankeyga balan qaadayaa in aan sii xoojiyo xiriirkaasi” ayuu yiri Danjire Yogeshwar Varma.


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Muqdisho (BARTAMAHA) Muddo kaddib waxaa lugu wada inay shaqo bilowdo Jaamacadda ummadda Soomaaliyeed taas oo an shaqeyn 24-tii sano ee la soo dhafay.

Shir ka dhacay xarunta madaxatooyada Soomaaliya oo u shir guddoomiyey madaxweynaha Soomaaliya,Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud ayaa looga hadlay qodobbo ay ka mid yihiin Manhajka Jamacada, kuliyadaha lagu furayo, miisaaniyadda jaamcadda, iyo qodobba kale oo muhiim ah.

Wasiirka wasaarada Hidaha iyo Tacliinta sare Ducaale Aadan Maxamad oo kulanka kaddib ka warbixiyay furitaanka Jaamacadda iyo go’aannadii ka soo baxay kulandka guddiga sare ee Jaamacadda ummadda Soomaaliyeed.

Sidoo kale,wasiirka ayaa shaaca ka qaaday in madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya ahna guddoomiyaha guddiga sare ee Jaamacadda Ummadda Soomaaliyeed uu si rasmi ah u furay Jaamacaddii ummadda Soomaaliyeed, isagoo xusay in laga bilaabo maanta ay jaamacaddu furantahay.

Furitaanka Jaamacaddii ummadda Soomaaliyeed 24-sano kadib ayaa qeyb ka ah dadaallada ay dowladda Federaalku ku hormarineyso tacliinta dalka, iyadoo kuliyadaha kala duwan ee jaa,acaadaasi ay hore uga aflaxeen kumannaan aqoonyahano Soomaaliyeed ah.

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mogadishu disarmamanent 00

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) — Howlgalkii maanta ay Ciidamda Dowladda Soomaaliya iyo AMISOM ay ka sameeyeen Degmada Wadajir ayaa waxaa looga dan lahaa xaqiijinta in la sugo amaanka magaalada Muqdisho kaas oo ku saleysan qorshaha Dowladda Soomaaliya dajisay oo ahaa in la xakameeyo hubka aan ku jirin gacanta Dowladda Soomaaliya.

Ciidamada nabadsugida dawlada Soomaaliya ayaa saaka waaberigii weerar ku qaaday guriga uu degmada Wadajir ee magaalada Muqdisho ka degan yahay gudoomiyihii hore degmada Wadajir ee magaalada Muqdisho Axmed Xasan Cadow (Axmed Daaci).

Weerarka ayaa sida la sheegayo bilawday abaare 4:00 habeenimo ee xalay xilligaasoo ciidamada nabadsugida iyo kuwa AMISOM oo wadajia ay tageen guriga Axmed Daaci ayna amreen inuu soo wareejiyo hub iyo gaadiid dagaal oo Axmed Daaci uu heysto, balse iska horimaad ayaa ka dhex qarxay ilaalada Axmed Daaci iyo ciidanka nabadsugida.

Rasaas xoogan ayaa la maqlayey waxyar kadib markii salaada subax la tukaday, iyadoo dadka ku nool magaalada Muqdisho ay ku waabariisteen dagaal ka socda magaalada oo si aad ah lo maqlayey.

Guriga Axmed Daaci waxaa ku dhow guriga uu degan yahay siyaasiga C/laahi Sheekh Xasan oo ka mid ah hogaamiye kooxeedyadii hore ee magaalada Muqdisho iyo guriga uu degan yahay Cumar Finish oo ka mid ah xildhibaanada baarlamaanka oo iyaguna heysta hub.

Illaa hadda saraakiisha amaanka ee dawlada iyo AMISOM kama hadlin hawlgalka ay qaadeen ee ay ku qaadeen guryaha ay degan yihiin ragga siyaasiyiinta ah.

Rasaasta la isweydaarsanayo ayaa soo gaartay lllaa 7;30 subaxnimo, xilligaaso la sheegay in ciidamada dawlada ee amaanka iyo kuwa AMISOM ay la wareegeen dhamaan xaafadaha lagu dagaalamay.

Daawo Sawirada

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RIP Sada Ali. You will be missed dearly.



aaska saada cali large

aaska saada caliMuqdisho (BARTAMAHA) Allaha u naxariistee waxaa maanta magaalada Muqdisho lagu aasay Marxuumad Saado Cali Warsame oo kooxo dhagar-qabayaal ah ay shalay ku dileen magaalada Muqdisho, waxaana salaada Janaasada kula tukaday Madaxtooyada, Madaxweynaha Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliya mudane Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud, Guddoomiyaha baarlamaanka mudane Maxamed Sheekh Cismaan “Jawaari”, Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Xukuumadda Federaalka Soomaaliya mudane Cabdiweli Sheekh Axmed Maxamed, qaar kamid ah xubnaha labada gole ee dowladda, Maamulka gobolka Banaadir iyo dadweyne farabadan oo kamid ahaayeen Fannaaniinta Qaranka.


Guddoomiye ku xigeenka 1aad ee Baarlamaanka Soomaaliya Jeylaani Nuur Iikar oo Saxaafadda la hadlay aaska kaddib ayaa sheegay dilka kooxaha Nabad-diidku u geysteen marxuumad Saado iyo kuwii ka horeeyay inuusan hakin doonin howlaha uu qaranka u hayo Baarlamaanka, waxana ugu baaqay laamaha amniga inay gacanta kusoo dhigaan kooxihii ka dambeeyay dilka Xildhibaan Saado Cali Warsame cadaaladana la horkeenno.

Ra’iisul Wasaaraha Xukuumadda Federaalka Soomaaliya mudane Cabdiweli Sheekh Axmed Maxamed ayaa dhankiisa tacsi u diray baarlamaanka iyo eheladii ay ka baxday marxuumad Saado iyo guud ahaan ummada Soomaaliyeed, wuxuuna sheegay in baarlamaanka Soomaaliya uu waayay xubin muhim ah.


“Xildhibaanad Saado Cali Warsame waxay ahayd qof qaali ku ah bulshada Soomaaliyeed, waxay dhimatay iyadoo dalkeeda iyo dadkeeda u shaqaynaysa, Saado waxay la mid tahay dadkii Soomaaliyeed oo iyaga oo Soomaaliya u halgamaya naftooda ku waayay, uguma horeyn, dabcana uguma dambeyn doonto, ummadda Soomaaliyeedna waxaan u sheegayaa in marxuumad Saado fikirkeedii uun nool yahay, laguna xasuusan doono ololaheeda ahaa in Soomaaliyo cagaheeda isku taagto, waana in looga daydaa sidii ay ugu dhiirnayd in shacabka Soomaaliyeed ay ka guuleystaan cadowgooda” ayuu yiri R.W Cabdiweli. Ugu dambeyn, Ra’iisul Wasaaraha ayaa mar labaad ugu baaqay shacabka Soomaaliyeed inay la shaqeeyaan laamaha amniga soona sheekaan kooxaha dhibaatada ku haya hoggaamiyaasha qaran iyo haldoorka bulshada Soomaaliyeed.


Somali Foreign Minister Abdirahman Beileh and his delegation visited today FC Real Madrid’s The Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid Spain.

beileh 1


beileh 2


Netherlands iyo Brazil ciyaartoodii caawa ay u kala tartamayeen kaalinta saddexaad iyo afaraad ee koobka adduunka ayaa waxaa moodaa goolhayaha Netherland in wax dhib ahi aysanba haysan.

Jasper Cillessen ayaa sida sawirkan hoose aad ka aragtaan inuu leeyahay Belo Majidho, Hadday Jidhana Ma Buudhna.



The Al Shabaab militants launched a two-pronged attack on the presidential complex, police said, setting off a large bomb at the rear of the compound and then storming in via another entrance. The attack came shortly after the start of iftar, when Muslims end the day’s Ramadan fast.

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