Meet Mohamed Roble Municipal Candidate for Gloucester-Southgate Ward 10

robleOttawa – Muslim Link interviewed Mohamed Roble, Municipal Candidate for Gloucester-Southgate Ward 10. The Ottawa Municipal Election takes place on Monday, October 27th 2014.

Please tell me a little bit about your background (i.e. country of origin, where you are from, how long you have been in Canada, your educational background, your work experience and passions.)

My name is Mohamed Roble, I’m 29 years old and I have lived in Canada for the past two decades. My family is originally from Somalia and we arrived in Canada in the early 1990’s, fleeing a life of strife for one of stability and opportunity.

My professional background is in development work and for the past 4 years I have been working in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East with various U.N. organizations, NGO’s, and government institutions in the education sector. I have recently completed my Masters in Education and I aspire to complete my Ph.D. in the near future.

I have served with the Canadian Forces for seven years and had the privilege of travelling around Canada and experiencing the vastness of this land and the diversity of people who live in it.

My hobbies and passions include community work, youth activism, photography, writing, and fitness.

Why is municipal politics important to you and how did you get involved?

Since childhood I have been fascinated with politics and the democratic process. Most people are unaware that municipal affairs and politics affects them on a daily basis, more so than provincial and federal issues or mandates. Municipal politics is concerned with urban transit, garbage collection, recreational facilities, emergency response personnel, city planning and development, road maintenance, as well as the management of school boards.

I am getting involved in municipal politics because I believe city council should be more representative of the diversity of people we have in our communities. Moreover, city council should also voice the interests of youth who one day will form the bedrock of our society. We can get a sneak peek into how tomorrow will look by observing our youth today. I believe I can represent the concerns of my community as well as echo the voice of the youth at City Hall.

Tell us a bit about your ward and the priorities of the constituents there.

I am running as a city councillor for Ward 10 (Gloucester-Southgate). This ward includes the Ottawa International Airport, Greenboro, South Keys, Blossom Park, Fairlea,Heatherington, and rural communities around Anderson Road and Leitrim. According to the City of Ottawa, Ward 10 has a population of approximately 50,000 residents and that population is growing.

Constituents I have spoken to in Ward 10 consistently suggest an interest in affordable public transit, as well as safety and security in their neighbourhoods. In addition to this, environmental protection is also a priority. The youth in Ward 10 have expressed a keen interest in working with the city to create more youth-lead initiatives, from sport leagues to developing employment skills.

By working hand-in-hand with community associations and residents, it is possible to achieve the collective interests of our city.

Why do you think Muslims should get out and vote in October?

Voting is not only your civic right, but also your duty.  The Muslim population in Ward 10 is expanding by leaps and bounds. Currently, we have two mosques within our ward; Assalam Mosque and Dar-As-Sunnah Mosque.

Muslims should go out and vote this coming October because their voice has been silent for too long. It is time now for Muslims to be more politically organized toward a common goal for our community. By voting, you are voicing your interests and concerns to the city council.

What advice would you give to youth that want to get involved in politics and the political process as a whole?

The best advice I can give to youth is the same advice I received from my mentors when I was young. Get involved in the political process; you must first start talking to your neighbours. A sense of community begins when you start forming bonds with people who live around you. Once you are active in your community, you are provided with a clear understanding of the underlying issues that need to be addressed. Get active in your community!

Source: Muslim Link



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