President Abdiweli Gaas attends the funeral prayer for the late Ugas Ahmed Ugas Mohamed in Gal-dogob

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Gal-dogob (BARTAMAHA) The President of Puntland Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas along with a delegation have reached Today Goldogob town in Mudug to attend the funeral service for the late  community leader Ugas Ahmed Ugas Mohamed, May His Soul Rest in Peace.

President Abdiweli Gaas leading a large delegation had arrived in the town today morning to prayer for the Tanade-Darod (Lelkase) community elder Ugas Ahmed Ugas Mohamedm,May His Soul Rest in Peace, who dies on Sunday in Galdogob after long illness.

On the other hand, delegation from Puntland and other regions in Somalia mainly of community elders, had been pouring to the town to take part the funeral service for Ugas Ahmed Ugas Mohamed MayHis Soul Rest in Peace.

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