SOMALIA: Gov’t supports repatriation efforts for over one million Somalis

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Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) Somalia’s Federal Government on Saturday said it will support the repatriation program for over one million Somalis living as refugees in the neighboring countries where they fled to after the state collapse in 1991.

After wrapping a conference on Somali refugees this week, Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed made clear that his government will make sure that Somali citizens living as refugees in the neighboring countries get full access to return fir those who wish to be relocated.

According to Somali government, currently over 1 million Somalis living as refugees in neighboring countries as well as another million who are internally displaced as a result of conflict, drought and famine and other ills afflicting the Somali nation.

“I deeply felt gratitude of the Somali people for the asylum accorded to them and for the kind hospitality with which way they have been hosted by their brothers and sisters in the five neighboring countries represented at the meeting.” the PM said in a statement.

The Prime Minister added that the Federal Government of Somalia provided the impetus to the search for solutions to alleviate the suffering of Somali refugees and this has led to the setting up of the National Agency for Refugees, Returnees and IDPs. One of its immediate tasks was to embark on negotiations with Kenya, which hosts over 500,000 Somali refugees, the largest group anywhere in the world.

On Nov 10th 2013 of a Tripartite Agreement was signed between UN, Somalia and Kenya for Voluntary Repatriation of Somali refugees living in Kenya. The Federal Government of Somalia says it is committed to working with all parties in order to find a lasting solution to bring Somali refugees home so that they can make valuable contribution to the rebuilding of the nation.



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