Somalia: People carrying illegal weapons could face five years imprisonment

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Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) The cabinet of the ministers of Somalia’s Federal Government passed a new draft legislation which prohibits holding and carrying illegal weapons after new security measures were put into practice.

The Information Minister Mustaf Dhuhulow said the new draft legislation which becomes the first in its kind will allow security forces to apprehend any person found using illegal arms including arms dealers.

“This legislation prohibits people carrying illegal weapons and anyone found to be guilty of this by courts will face 5 years imprisonment or fines equivalent to the sentencing.” the minister said.

Minister Dhuhulow said the legislation provides details on all arms and weapons and the way they can be owned and used.

The new legislation also prohibits people importing, exporting, or selling of any arms or weapons that can kill people. The aim of this legislation is to minimize the use of weapons, which in turn helps the efforts to bring peace and stability in Somalia by the Federal Government of Somalia.

The draft legislation to ban using illegal arms came after intense debate within government security agencies struglling to seraducate the Al Qaeda-linked militant group Al Shabab in Somalia.  The draft was now unanimously approved by the cabinet of the ministers and is waiting to be forwarded to the parliament in the coming days.

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