SOMALIA: PM orders hold on the ongoing administration formation conference in Baidoa

shirka maamul u sameynta Koonfur galbeed 3

Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed has ordered that the ongoing process of the South West Administration Conference in Baidoa to be put into hold on and called the cabinet ministers in Baidoa to return back to Mogadishu for “consultation”.

In a letter dated on November 1st, the Prime Minister said that the ongoing process of the completing the the new draft constitution for yet-to-be formed South West Administration be postponed until further consultation between the cabinet and the Prime Minister’s office.

According to the letter, all the ministers staying in Baidoa are required to return to Mogadishu by November 2nd for consultations.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari has endorsed the Prime Minister’s initiative.

This comes as delegates from the three regions of Baay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle gathered in Baidoa two weeks ago to complete the new draft constitution of the new administration.



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