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This old man…poem by Ayanle

  Do we not have any sense of nationalism or has it been replaced by a backward system called tribalism Don’t pretend this isn’t true It’s especially true of that old man that walks toward you what will you say … read more »

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Seeking alternatives to charcoal in Somaliland

HARGEISA, 27 May 2009 (IRIN) – Insufficient cheaper alternatives and a large former refugee population are fuelling tree-felling and dependence on charcoal in the self-declared republic of Somaliland, adversely affecting the environment, say analysts. Most urban households use charcoal for … read more »

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For refugees in Kansas City, a rough start on new life

In their first month of life in Kansas City, Sudanese refugees Elamin Suraj, Wafa Kut and their three young children had no hot running water. The Peery Street apartment provided to the family had other issues, too: grime on the … read more »

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Somalia: Deputy Speaker Says They Released About 100 Prisoners in Syria

Somalia — Professor Mohamed Omar Dalha, the deputy speaker of the Somali parliament has said on Wednesday that they have released more Somali people who were in the prisons of Syria. Professor Dalha who returned in Mogadishu on Tuesday told … read more »

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Fear of revenge attacks in Kenya over piracy

The trail of more than 20 suspected pirates arrested by Nato and European Union forces patrolling the Gulf of Aden and the frequent incursions by suspected al-Shabaab militants are raising concern within the Kenyan security agencies. There is fear that … read more »

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EU poses as Somalia’s white knight… …but hides its own dirty hands

Radio Netherlands — A meeting billed as a donor conference for Somalia has tried to punch high above its weight by promising to help the new government end poverty and insecurity. But the EU’s efforts are largely driven by its … read more »

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Commission ready to investigate European illegal fishing off Somalia

LEIGH PHILLIPS — EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – The European Commission has said it is ready to investigate and take action against any European boats or European-owned fishing companies that fly flags of convenience that engage in illegal fishing off the … read more »

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The European roots of Somali piracy

LEIGH PHILLIPS — EUOBSERVER / FEATURE – As global powers ratchet up the naval pressure off the coast of Somalia and the European Union this week prepares to play host to a major international conference on the growing scourge of … read more »

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The Puntland State of Somalia hired a lobbying firm in Washington to combat more Somali pirates

By Roxana Tiron — A region of Somalia that is home to many of the pirates who have made national news terrorizing area waters is seeking help from K Street to calm the troubled seas. The Puntland State of Somalia, … read more »

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Somalia: Donors Should Address Accountability

(Brussels) – Donor governments meeting in Brussels this week should ensure that pledges of assistance to Somali security forces and African Union troops in Somalia will not contribute to human rights abuses, Human Rights Watch said today. All training and … read more »

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EU pledges Somali security boost

The European Union says it will pledge at least 60m euros ($78m) towards boosting security in Somalia at a donors meeting in Brussels on Thursday. The international donor conference aims to raise 200m euros ($260m) for the African Union peacekeeping … read more »

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Somali Teenager In New York To Face Piracy Charge but who has the jurisdiction to try this boy?

Omar Jamal gave a good interview on Rick Sanchez. Also The guardian wrote: Muse’s father, Abdiqadir Muse, told Associated Press his son had been tricked by older pirates into going along with them. “He just went with them without knowing … read more »

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Federal judge in NYC says piracy suspect is adult

NEW YORK (AP) — The sole survivor of a pirate attack on an American cargo ship off the Somali coast was charged as an adult Tuesday with piracy after a prosecutor said he gave wildly varying ages for himself but … read more »

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‘Saving Captain Phillips’ – Online Game or Kill some pirates in your mouse?

NEW YORK, April 21 /PRNewswire/ — Games2win.com announced the release of its real life inspired online game titled ‘Saving Captain Phillips’ on. The thrilling game is inspired by the courageous and dangerous high sea rescue mission of Captain Richard Phillips, … read more »

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Somali pirate suspect arrives in New York City

NEW YORK – The sole surviving Somali pirate from the hostage-taking of an American ship captain arrived in New York, smiling for a gaggle of cameras and reporters as federal agents led him into custody to face charges in the … read more »

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War Deg deg ah: Cabdiweli Muuse oo Talaadada Maxkamad New York ah lasoo taagi doono

War Deg Deg ah Bartamaha — War xaqiiq ah oo hadda na soo gaaray ayaa sheegaya in Wiilkii lagu qabtay markabkii Maerski Cabdiweli Muuse ayaa waxaa lasoo saari doonaa Maxkamad ku taala New York Barri (Talaado, April 21 2009). Waraysi … read more »

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The Pirate Coast http://www.ba…

The Pirate Coast http://www.bartamaha.com/pirates.html

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SOMALIA: High-risk sex workers…

SOMALIA: High-risk sex workers fly under the HIV radar http://tinyurl.com/djg2gv

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Somali terror group raps in En…

Somali terror group raps in English for recruits http://tinyurl.com/c3xue6

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Report : Higher rate of Somali…

Report : Higher rate of Somali kids in Mpls autism programs http://www.bartamaha.com/autism.html

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