Sadik Warfa Candidate for Minnesota House Representative

sadik My name is Sadik Warfa and I have the great honor of running Minnesota House Representative District 61A as an independence party candidate. I am committed to bringing transparency to our state and to use my problem solving skills to address the growing deficit, our dysfunctional school systems and the rising cost of healthcare. I want the voters to know who I am and what I stand for.

I am fiscally prudent, pro-business and pro-life candidate. I believe every child in Minnesota deserves a world class education and I support charter schools. I respect the teachers and the work they do each and every day, but we cannot afford to have a school system that is underperforming. I will work extremely hard for school reform that includes accountability to everyone. Next, the projected State deficit in the next fiscal year is between four to six billion dollars. This is unsustainable. State of Minnesota must learn to spend less and operate better.

I am committed a process that emphasizes fiscal responsibility, efficiency, transparency, and economic growth. I will use this campaign to build a coalition for real change and change comes from the people. As we know, Democracy works because people elect officials who are accountable to the people. If elected, I will work both parties, Democrats and Republicans in order to get the job done for my district. I am a pragmatist who believes reaching out to people of all parties in order to get the job done for my district and the people of Minnesota.

The two big goals at the center of my campaign are reforming our education and creating jobs. The path we must follow is clear. Minnesota needs to get its fiscal house in order and start living within our means just like every family in the State has done. We must encourage a responsibility society where people know they are accountable for what they do, for the children they bring into the world, and for loving a neighbor like they’d like to be loved themselves. We must discourage the culture from one that often sand, “if it feels good, do it,”
Sixteen years ago, I was fortunate to make my way to the Twin Cities for better opportunity.

I was not disappointed. Minnesota has given me a lot and that is why I strongly feel that the time has come for me to offer myself as public servant. My goal is to build a strong community where children receive a world class education, families own their own health coverage and, if they want, their own businesses. I hope you agree the great goals that I have outlined above.

If elected, I will work for our kids. I am mindful that our state and our people can achieve anything if we set our minds to the task. We can show the world that Minnesota is a strong State in which every person is able to achieve his or her dream. Thank you. May God Bless America!

Sadik Warfa
Candidate for Minnesota House Representative District 61A
912 East 24th Street Suite # B217
Minneapolis, MN 55404
612-871-6885 Office
612-874-0599 Fax



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