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QUDSIYA KARRIM AND PERCY MABANDU (Mail & Guardian) —Somali refugees have told the Mail & Guardian that South Africa’s high commissioner to Botswana, Dikgang Moopeloa, stood by and watched as the Botswana police and military beat them with batons and fists at the Ramatlabama border post on the night of March 24. The 95 Somalis, who have full refugee...Continue reading »

The Daily Telegraph may see fit to publish racist comments about persons of Somali heritage. However, its fellow News Limited paper The Australian has published a more nuanced feature piece on Melbournites of Somali heritage in its Weekend Magazine. A large number of Somalis migrated to Australia as refugees. Many have witnessed horrific violence in their home country,...Continue reading »

Ilka Ase Mohamed says he lost the tall, bright-eyed love of his life to a Somali pirate who paid a $50,000 cash dowry to her mother. (Miguel Juarez - For The Washington Post) By Stephanie McCrummen Washington Post — (NAIROBI) The young Somali couple had plans. Ilka Ase Mohamed and the love of his life, tall, bright-eyed Fatima Mukhtar, were going to leave their...Continue reading »

Last year Somali pirates were responsible for more than 100 attacks on shipping and although attempts are being made to tackle the problem, finding a solution is not straightforward reports Karen Allen in Kenya. When pirates attacked, the crew disabled the Maersk Alabama’s power I had come straight from covering the 15th anniversary of the genocide in...Continue reading »

Water Reservoir was the cause of a tribal war between two clans in central Somalia (Omar Mohamoud and Bah Hararsame), Its the story of the reconciliation process between the tribes and ending the conflict. This documentary shows you how Somali elders reconcile each other under a tree, which is a fading culture in Somalia. Leading this process is the clan leaders of both...Continue reading »

NAIROBI, 15 April 2009 (IRIN) – Rufai Mohamed Salad risks life and limb to provide daily ambulance services in war-torn Mogadishu, a city where even the largest hospital does not have an ambulance. Salad and a friend, Mahamud Abdirahman Ali, came up with the idea of providing an ambulance service when they realised that many wounded people often died before they...Continue reading »

Qaar ka mikda dhalinyarada Ururuka Gravity Of Hope oo ah urur dhalinyaro reer Minnesota ah Abaabuleen waxay ugu tala galeen in ya ku caawiyaan dadka ku dhiban Dalkii Hooyo. ...

MINNEAPOLIS, April 13 (Reuters) – A Minnesota court panel ruled on Monday that Democrat Al Franken beat Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in the long-fought contest for a U.S. Senate seat and said the comic turned politician should be certified as the winner. The contest, however, is far from over. Coleman has already said he would appeal the widely anticipated ruling...Continue reading »

Masaajidka iyo Xarun dhaqameedka Dar Al-Hijrah ayaa al baabada u furay kuna soo dhaweeyay dhamaan dadka degan kuna dhaqan labadda magaalo ee mataanaha ah (Minneapolis/St.Paul) iyo nawaaxigooda ee Gobolka Minnesota. Xafladdan ayaa waxay dhacday Khamiistii, April 2, 2009. Maamulka Masaajidka iyo Xarunta Darul-Hijra ayaa sheegay in cidkasta oo rabta ama khusaynaysa in ay...Continue reading »

Ururka Camuud oo shir u fadhiya ...

Asho, 13 years old, was kidnapped raped and stoned to death in Kismayo SVT (Sweden) reporter Christina Johannesson have met Ashos family that tells her story. PLAY VIDEO ...

Mohamed Ali, 11 plays at a McDonald's indoor playground in Toronto. (Yvonne Berg for The Globe and Mail) MARINA JIMÉNEZ  –   Globe and Mail Idar Hassan named her third child Ali, after a beloved cousin. Beautiful and alert, Ali could say “dada” and cruise around the living room, hanging onto furniture, by the time he was eight months old. But...Continue reading »

Ayan Siyat, left, and Sadia Dubat, right, talk on the bus before leaving for Portland from bates College in Lewiston on Sunday. The two Edward Little High School juniors have published stories in the book "They were very beautiful. Such things are." Khatra Arte, hidden back left, also is published in the memoirs. Abdirizak Gure, back right, went to Portland...Continue reading »