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Teenage twin sisters from Manchester flew to join ISIS in Syria

twinsTwin sisters have fled their home in Manchester to join ISIS fighters in Syria, it is feared.

The 16-year-old girls crept out of their bedrooms in the middle of the night, grabbed their passports and flew to Istanbul in Turkey.

By the time their parents found their beds empty at 8am last Thursday and called police, they were found to be on their way to Syria.

Counter-terrorism forces were then alerted when the girls contacted their family from Syria, where their elder brother is believed to be a jihadi fighter.

After 10 days of investigations, detectives are still struggling to track them down.

Greater Manchester Police said: ‘The girls flew from Manchester International Airport to Istanbul.

‘Since their departure the girls have been in contact with their family.

‘We are attempting to confirm their current location and secure the well-being of both girls.’

The family, of Somalian origin, is believed to have moved to Britain 10 years ago.

According to The Sun on Sunday, the strictly religious schoolgirls have told their family they are not coming home.

‘The family have been trying to persuade their daughters to come home but so far they have said they are happy to stay,’ a source told the paper.

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