Senior Al Shabab commander attends Quran contest in Mogadishu


Mogadishu (BARTAMAHA) Senior Al- Shabab commander has participated Quran competition in the Holy month of Ramadan in the Somali capital, Mogadishu which Somali government declared its Shebab-free.

Sheikh Ali Mohamed Hussein AKA Jabal, Al Shabab’s governor for Banadir province was reported to have remained inside Mogadishu after he attended a Quran contest held in the capital city. The militant’s governor for Mogadishu Jabal told Pro-shabab radio that he has attended a Quran contest which was held for the students of the Islamic Quran memorization schools in the capital, and remained in Mogadishu where the weak Somali federal government backed African Union troops is toiling to secure and exert peace beyond the city.

“I’m in Mogadishu to attend well-organized Quran competition in the Holy Ramadan which all Islamic schools in Mogadishu will contest , and I’m grateful to Allah that we are in Mogadishu with no fear from anyone,” Said Jabal. The Al-Shabab commander has stated that there is no powerful government which the militants can be afraid of, and called the people of Mogadishu to stand with the militants.

Al-Shabab, Somali-Al Qaeda affiliated militants have been fighting in Somalia since 2007 with the aim of imposing the horn of African Nation with strict Islamic Law.



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