President Mohamud distances himself from corruption allegations

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Mogadishu (Bartamaha) President Mohamud distances himself from corruption allegations Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamed has challenged a report that United Nations monitoring group on Somalia and Eretria on complying with the United Nations sanctions on the two countries produced.

The group have submitted 37-page report alleging the president, former Somali foreign minister Fowzia Haji adam and U.S.-based law firm Shculman Rogers of plotting to avert the ousted Somali government’s overseas assets including cash and gold.

The president has said that his government has succeeded on managing public assets compare to former transitional government heads, adding he has appointed a financial governance committee aimed to audit public finances.

“We have demonstrated our commitment to progressive public financial management in many ways, including appointing the financial governance committee (FGC),” Said the president in a statement, The FGC released its first progress report in May highlighting significant Public Financial management achievements,” he added.

President Mohamud distancing his government from the U.N.-based allegations said, “Recovering these assets is extremely complex and requires specialist support.” United Nations have accused Mohamud’s government of failing to make public assets and international donors transparent and allocate funds for regional administrations.

On the other hand, former Somali foreign minister who is now a lawmaker Adam has commented on the United Nation’s allegation report saying she has put effort to build Somalia’s imagine overseas during her term in office and has not participated any conspiracy against public assets.



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