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AU and SNA advances as Al-shabab lose in battle

buulomareer AMISOMSomali national army backed by their African Union allies has being been advancing to areas controlled by the Al-qaida linked extremist group Al-shabab since the operation termed “Indian Ocean” meant to flash out the remnants of the militants in some parts of the country.

The joint forces have seized kuntuwaarey district of lower shabelle on monday and vowed to liberate the militants stronghold Barawe, a coastal town in Somalia’s lower shabelle region, which has been under the custody of Al-shabab for the past years.

Meanwhile residents in Barawe say that the militants are making their widest preparation to resist to the forces that are longing for the town in which serves a station for the militants.

Somali federal government and African Union Mission in Somalia has recently uncovered their plan of launching their last operations to eliminate the militants from Somalia.




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