Al Shabab executes 13 year old girl and later smashes her head in Bay region

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Diinsor (BARTAMAHA) The Al-Qaeda-linked militants, Al Shabab had executed 13-year old girl in Dinsoor district of Bay region, the father of the young girl confirms. Fartun Abdinasir aged 13 had been killed today by the terrorist group Al-Shabab after they abducted the girl from Ufurow area which the girl’s aunt that she was living with resided. The militants had taken the girl to Dinsoor district where they have slain the girl and later smashed her head off. The motive of this ruthless execution came amid the militants accused the little girl of spying for the Somali government. The militants had executed dozens of young Somali men and women after accusing them of spy relations although this is becoming the first killing of child under the age of maturity the militants have killed of spy allegations.



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