The twitter account of KDF spokesman gets hacked, posts calling the Kenyan government as thugs published

The twitter account of KDFNairobi (BARTAMAHA) The twitter account of Kenyan Defense force spokesman was hacked by a group reported to have been against the current Kenyan Jubilee-led government. The official twitter account of Major Emmanuel Chirchir, Kenyan defense force has been under the custody of a group of hackers believed to be affiliated to rival politicians of the current Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, posting several posts criticizing the government on failing to put its first priority on internal affairs which they said is deteriorating while giving much care to beyond borders concerns for personal interests. “All of you have stolen money #Kenya, we are coming after you,” said one read which was posted by the hackers. The current Kenyan government which won 2013 March elections has faced fierce critics from rival Cord Coalition led by the country’s Prime Minister Raila Odinga who criticized Kenyatta on failing security sector amid deadly terror attacks had been launched in the country by Al-qaeda related militants, Al Shabab.



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